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High Q Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitor

YXC75 Series

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  • YXC75 Series 
    Product Features
    High Q, High Power, Low ESR/ESL, Low Noise, High Self-Resonance, High Availability.
    Product Applications
    Typical functional applications: Bypass, Coupling, Tuning, Feedback, Impedance Matching and D.C. Blocking.
    Typical circuit applications: MF/HF/VHF/UHF/Microwave/RF Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators, Low Noise Amplifiers, Filter Networks, Timing Circuits and Delay Lines. 
    Typical applications field: Wireless Broadcasting Equipment, Mobile Base Stations, GPS Portables, Medical (MRI coils), Radar.
    Part Numbering
    YXC75  A 101 J W 151 X B
    Series Dimensions Code Rated Capacitance Tolerance Termination Type Rated Voltage Laser Marking Packaging Type
     YXC75 Series – High QMicrowave Type
     Temperature coefficient:0±30ppm/°C
    Dimensions Code                                                                                               Unit: inch(millimeter)
    YXC75 Series  75H 75P 75D 75B
    Length inch .040±.004 .06±.006 .08±.010 .110±.015
    mm 1.02±0.1 1.52±0.15 2.0±0.25 2.79±.040
    Width inch .020±0.004 .030±0.006 .05±.010 .110±.010
    mm 0.51±0.1 0.81±0.15 1.2±0.25 2.79±.25
    Thickness inch .020±0.004 .030±0.004 .057 .10
    mm 0.51±0.1 0.76±0.1 1.450 2.600
    Rated Capacitance
                    Capacitance lower than 10pF; for example,1R0=1.0pF, R denote point.
                    Capacitance over 10pF; for example, 101=100pF, The third number is the power of 10. 
    Code A B C D F G J K
    Tolerance ±0.05pF ±0.1pF ±0.25pF ±0.5pF ±1% ±2% ±5% ±10%
    Code M
    Tolerance ±20%
    Termination Type
    Code W
    Type NickelPlated 100% Sn (RoHS)
    Rated Voltage
    Code Rated Voltage
    500 50V
    251 250V
    Laser Marking
    X denote Marking; N denote No-Marking.
    Packaging Type
      75H 75P 75D 75B
    T: Tape carrier packaging
    B: Bulk packaging in a bag  

    Quantity per reel:1000,2000,3000,4000pcs/reel 
    Performance Requirements
    YXC70 Series Capacitors are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of MIL-C-55681 and MIL-C-123.
    All of Yixin microwave YXC75 series capacitors are in compliance with RoHS instruction

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