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    YXC70F Series 
    Product Features  
    High Q, High RF Current/Voltage, High RF Power, Low ESR/ESL, Low noise,Ultra-Stable Performance
    Product Application
    Typical functional applications: Bypass, Coupling, Tuning,Feedback,Impedance Matching and D.C. Blocking.

    Typical applications field: HF/VHF RF Power Amplifiers,RF Induction Heating,Broadcast Transmitter,Military Radios,Antenna Tuning,Plasma Chambers and Medical(MRI coils)



    Environmental Tests


    YXC70F Chip Dimension
    Item length width thickness
    Chip Dimension 0.614 (15.60) 0.433(11.0) 0.154(3.90)max
    Remarks:1.unit:inch(millimeter).2.Tolerance:±0.010( 0.25)

    YXC70F Lead type Dimension

    YXC70F Performance Curve



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