Talee Microwave offers excellence in termination/resistor products, including Terminations, Loads, Resistors and Attenuators, see details as below

RF Attenuator
Type: flange/chip, TNC, BNC, SMA, N,L29 etc.
Frequency range:  DC---40GHz
Power: up to 3000W
VSWR 1.10---1.25
Tolerance: ±0.5dB-±0.8dB
Temperature range -40 ℃ +85 ℃

Products list

SMT Fixed Attenuator

Type (1/3): SMT Fixed Attenuator Normal Impedance:50ΩPower Rating:2~250WWorking Frequency:DC-6GHzAttenuation Value:1~30dB (optional)Attenuation Tolerance:1~10dB: ±0.6dB11~20dB: ±0.8dB21~30dB: ±1.0dBOp...
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